Il marchio Avatar© offre una sinergia di servizi
per l’individuo, il professionista e l’impresa. Ogni settore è guidato da persone di grande esperienza, il cui unico obiettivo
è dare risposte mirate e coerenti alle esigenze del proprio cliente.
  • Creation and management of sales network

    Recruitment of network managers and agents both for the direct management and on behalf of a third party
    Direct management involving staff training and coachingGestione diretta con formazione e affiancamento del personale
    ales territory and product monitoring with scheduled reports
    Organization and implementation of sales strategies about the product that will be introduced into the target market
  • Foreign missions – Exploration of new markets Foreign missions – Exploration of new markets

    Survey of the most likely target market with the aim to identify the most favourable trading area for the product that will be commercialized
    Organization and management of foreign missions both as a targeted mission for a specific market of reference as well as an indirect formula deriving from investment proposals by bodies, private companies or states.
    Exploration of new partnerships with the aim to enhance synergies
  • Warehouse logistics and shipments

    Warehouse management and storage of goods
    Shipment controls as well as their optimization at a National and International level
    Custom clearance assistance
    Management of the agreements with national and international partners for the optimization of transport typologies (naval, air, road transports and at controlled temperatures etc.)
  • Product market and technology analysis

    Analysis and information research about the “system of the country” (legislation, tax system and facilities)
    Analisi e ricerca informazioni sul “sistema-paese” (normativa, fiscalità, agevolazioni)
    Analysis of the product of the company (branches of application, technological adaptation etc.) in relation to the most likely target market
    Analysis of competitors with controls and comparisons of the product and of manufacturing technologies in relation to the ones already existing in the target markets
  • Purchase and sales management

    Research and management of movable and immovable property according to the needs (tertiary - warehouse - logistics - production)
    Research and survey of essential and consumer products for the smooth fulfilment of operations
    Research and management of suppliers’ and customers’ contact
  • Marketing and Communication

    Corporate communication (control of market objectives and study of the strategies to implement)
    Communication about the product (construction of websites, brochures, web design, event management)
    Press Office - News conference - on-line and off-line media monitoring - Blogger Relations
    Continuous assistance for the implementation of agreed strategies
  • Linguistic tourism

    Travels for kids, teens, adults and families with educational and professional objectives both “out-coming” and “in-coming”, involving a variety of courses. They can be classic, itinerant or themed voyages in order to travel and to make the language learning process an entertaining and funny activity.
    Travels for companies with an educational purpose both out-coming and in-coming where tailor made courses are organized in a specific sector, also involving internships at companies and/or at professional premises in order to learn or to master the field, the language and the related technical terms or specialized masters or certificates for transfers abroad.
  • Itinerant tourism

    Itinerant tours devoted to the discovery of historical features and customs of the place, city and surroundings which stand out from the traditional pathways and above all from conventional ways of promoting them. Particular attention is devoted to the typology of visits offered during the tour. The aim is to look for the shortest distance (31-74 miles) from a place of interest to another in order to reduce the transfers and hence devoting as much time as possible to the tour.
  • Adventure and sports tourism

    Itinerant tours or not, where different types of sports activities are carried out depending upon people’s skills and passions. Conceived especially for the lovers of nature and suitable for adults, teens as well as families with kids. Among the various activities, people can choose: trekking, biking, out-door and in-door climbing, hang-glider, hot-air-balloon, winter sports, tours by motorbike, 4X4 car, motocross, diving, sports cars and safari tent.
  • Historical reenactment tourism

    During the week/weekend a story will be concocted. All participants, dressed in appropriate game costumes, will play a role and teams will compete in order to win a prize awarded according to their skills. Participants will enjoy and learn about customs, traditional ballets and the use of period weapons (with the supervision of weapon masters in total safety). It will all be enriched by exhibitions of skills, live battles and dancing shows as well as masters at arms.
  • Small manufacturing of fresh and dried pasta

    Manufacturing of fresh and dried pasta, in small laboratories situated on the territory with low operating costs and a level of productivity capable of satisfying the needs, both on one’s own behalf or on behalf of a third party.
  • Small manufacturing of bakery, pastry and ice-cream products

    Manufacturing of pastry, bakery and ice-cream products in small laboratories located on the territory with low operating costs and with a productivity capable of satisfying the needs of the area, both on one’s own behalf and on behalf of a third party.
  • Food products sales and distribution

    Creation of sales network on behalf of food companies in synergy with the Avatar Trading sales network, both on one’s own behalf and on behalf of a third party.
  • Premise design, implementation and management

    In-door and out-door premise design and study
    Design and brand graphic analysis
    Study and research of the type of product and menu
    Advertising management and improvement
    Management of the premises specialised in traditional and consumer catering on one’s own behalf and on behalf of a third party (fast-food and franchising networks)

  • Planning and design

    Complete or partial design of new buildings
    Complete and partial design of buildings
    In-door and out-door design
  • Consulting and supervision of works

    Consulting for the technical and economic feasibility study of real estate transactions
    Supervision of works for complete and partial tender operations of real estate.
  • Civil and industrial renovation and Construction

    Partial and complete renovation of civil and industrial sites in partnership with the best- performing companies
    Partial and complete renovation of civil and industrial site construction in partnership with the best-performing companies
  • Design and development of systems and building technologies

    Building design and renovation with the help of new state of the art systems and technologies in synergy with leading companies in the production of construction materials and cutting-edge systems for the adjustment, optimization and development of the housing and working world.
  • Real estate consulting and brokerage

    Real estate consulting and brokerage carried out through collaborations and synergies with agencies and professionals in each areas and according to the specific type of investment.